【blog】Diary of HIDEAKI(Producer of THE WEDNESDAY)

It is a memorandum of producer (HIDEAKI) of THE WEDNESDAY.

「3.20」of this year is the 23rd anniversary of going to Tokyo.


I came to Tokyo from Asahikawa on that day "Sarin Incident Subway incident".
In an airplane heading for Haneda, I never thought that such a thing would happen.
Even when I arrived at Haneda, there was still calm air in the airport.
It is a time when information transmission speed was much slower than it is now.


And four years later.
Employment Ice Age is coming.

I was in the middle of this age like a rough wave.
In the summer of 1999, I was desperate to manage my job offering somehow.

We received ten companies and received a job offer from one company.
10% winning percentage.
If it is a professional baseball player, it is the batting average that will receive notice of extra strength.
In such an environment, I won the job offer.

There is only one possible victory cause.
"I finished my newspaper scholarship for 5 years."
I think that's it.

Far from being preeminent, it is not also a secondary university.
Even the academic achievement is only D or E ranked A to E.
I never went to college, and my mental and physical mental skills did not go to university. I just distributed newspapers, making music.
Balance of circumstances surrounded by themselves, comparison with others, vague anxiety for the future, unstable heart. Anyway living itself was painful. It was such a daily routine.

At this time, in this very era, life would have changed significantly depending on whether we could get a job or not.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the employment ice age generation had the most breakfast.


Excerpt from a new work scheduled to be released this autumn (title undecided) .