【blog】Diary of HIDEAKI(Producer of THE WEDNESDAY)

It is a memorandum of producer (HIDEAKI) of THE WEDNESDAY.



How do you do?


The sound [ like crazy ] earnestly influenced by the British Rock, the delicate melody earnestly brainwashed with J-POP, and the words which were (un-) freedom wild and filled to love.

These triangles it is the band ensemble which expands and soaks them in a margin the fruits of prohibition that bilinguals and multilinguals have.


Nobody's life "understands well where it is going" .

Music of THE WEDNESDAY is too.


The principle of living is accepting reality and enjoying,crying,smiling and believing tomorrow.

If they call "hope"commonly, I would like to sing "hope" with might and main.

It is a motif which composes and expresses music.


The time is coming.

THE WEDNESDAY plays the melody that nobody was able to sound until now.

I need your help well.


Activity and release of THE WEDNESDAY is on Wednesday.

every week or biweekly or every other month!?

THE WEDNESDAY is very freedom.


Please enjoy the wonderful"Wednesday" that is middle of a week



Producer HIDEAKI




Voice of HIDEAKI


Young pure adorned the veil of mystery.

We're Gonna do not do it live, maybe.

The mon do not want to interact with the audience.

Heck, the mon freezes under tension.

We're Gonna do not want bathed spotlight.

Heavy sweater because barrel.

The bamboo basket enough with a thin light of weakening.

And "loneliness" I would like playing the "hope".

If you love, even if I love you, lonely daze.

Nobody give me hope, We're Gonna make your own.

And, if it is good that it does not come,

I bamboo basket deliver the desired best.

I do a little good.


It makes sense that I live.

The shines the light, you always.


I wanna eat Ramen.